Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Returning to our roots

A quick search through my archives tells me that I have not talked about the primary obsession of my formative years on this blog as much as one might think I would.

I am talking, of course, about Star Wars; and although you might not guess it by looking at me, I probably once could have given you a brief outline of almost every Star Wars novel in existence. (Especially those involving Mara Jade.) And that’s not even touching the wealth of knowledge about the films I gained by poring over the annotated screenplays.

Turns out my friend and housemate, Teal, is also a Star Wars fan. So when we discovered that the U.S. Postal Service was placing special “R2-D2″ mailboxes around the country in honor of Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, this was the only logical action which could follow:

Do I even need to explain this?

You may feel free to point and laugh. We are immune.

I mean, heck… Teal was willing to stand in the middle of the UofO campus wearing a Mu-Mu inside out. I was willing to climb on top of a trash receptacle in the effort to capture the perfect shot. What do you think you’re going to do to us?

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  1. nikki wrote:

    when i saw this picture on flickr, i felt a sudden urge to dress up and hunt for an R2 mailbox…

  2. Teal wrote:

    yay star wars!!!

  3. Sevi wrote:


  4. Adam wrote:

    “If any of you are getting here from somewhere else, can you let me know? I’m awfully curious. :D”

    Because you asked… I found this linked off a friend’s journal (, but it’s not going to generate a ton of traffic — maybe a few dozen hits, tops. I also forwarded a link to it via email to a handful of friends.

    I suspect a lot of the traffic you’re seeing is ones-y twos-y things like this, as opposed to a single link on a high-volume site.

    And the picture is awesome. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it, and it still makes me smile.

  5. Jessica wrote:

    This picture is fabulous. A friend pointed me this way. I, too, could once have sent many people to sleep with the depth of my knowledge of Star Wars. :-)

  6. Slippy wrote:

    I fell off my chair laughing and immediately told all my friends to go give you props.

    It was so funny, I HAD to blog it! All due props given, of course ;)

  7. Damian wrote:

    With your permission, Erin, I’d like to write a post about this over at my film blog Windmills of My Mind.

    Also, there is a “Star Wars Blog-a-thon” happening this May 25 (and I’m sure you don’t need me to elaborate on the significance of that particualr date) over at the Edward Copeland on Film. You should write something for it. I already know what I’m going to write about.

  8. Vinh wrote:

    FYI: your picture is on digg

  9. jeebos wrote:

    Just perfect, this image should be one of the new Star Wars stamps, a homage to the films from the fans. Inspired. Got here from digg btw.

  10. Aaron T. wrote:

    That’s great!

  11. Rio wrote:

    Truly a beautful, well shot picture. You’d think USPS would come up with some idea like this, no? (then again, creativity lies in the hands of the masses, I presume).

  12. Jim wrote:

    Fantastic picture.

    I hope you don’t mind, but your picture inspired me to write an article about it on my own blog.

  13. Marianne wrote:


    I got here from Jim’s blogspot. :-D Great picture! Brings back all kinds of warm and fuzzy, world changing, self-awakening memories. I saw SW in the cinema in Australia in 1977: it was a family expedition from up country and into town, instigated by my Dad. Mind blowing! Mum bought me the novelization before we left the cinema, and I read it back to back many many times before putting it down. Now, we’re friends with the author of that via professional associations. Strange world – go figure. :-)

    Thanks for a great treat and walk down memory lane. My husband has tales of dressing up with friends and ‘doing a show’ at the local cinema showing StarWars when he was a teen. Apparently, the staff let them in for free because it attacted paying patrons.


  14. Jim wrote:

    The picture is backwards. In the movie, Leia was on the left and R2 was on the right. Sorry about being so technical. I watched the movie the other day for the first time with my 10 and 6 year old.

  15. Albert and Ingrid Howard wrote:

    Be encouraged and keep blogging!

    Congratulations on your instant fame and recognition!

  16. Hawk wrote:

    I got linked here from the FanForce forums, so from one fan to another – that’s a great picture. I’m actually surprised nobody else has done it yet. If only we got cool stuff like this in the land down under…

  17. adam wrote:

    i came through here from

  18. Jeremy wrote:

    I got here from an instant message from a friend, who let me know about it after I posted the picture my girlfriend took of the R2 mailbox in downtown Austin, TX.
    Wonderful picture… but I gotta ask, who was the letter to?
    Who’s our only hope?

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  20. Extracine » Chicas Star Wars en la vida real wrote:

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  21. Wyrdstuff » Just another day in the Galaxy, far, far away… wrote:

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  22. Helen wrote:

    I saw this on flickr but I had to comment again as I only just clicked about the image set-up. To think I was a SW junkie and couldn’t see the inspiration. Yet again, I have to say I love it.

  23. boliyou wrote:

    Awesome! I haven’t seen one in person yet. You got an excellent shot and a respectable copy of the costume.

  24. Jon wrote:

    Awesome! Great pic and idea, well done!

  25. Marilee J. Layman wrote:

    What a great picture! I came here via a post on rec.arts.sf.written, so that may bring more.

  26. Kay Shapero wrote:

    I found this link on rec.arts.sf.written in a thread entitled: USPS installing ‘attractive nuisances’ for LARPers.

    Now if someone would simulate old style blue British police boxes around here…

  27. Gregory Frost wrote:

    “These are not the mailboxes you’re looking for.”

  28. Scorpio wrote:

    Wonderful picture! I know just where a mailbox is, but I’d more likely have to dress like Obi Wan.


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