Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Nach Hause, Zu Hause

Did you hear that? It was a huge sigh of relief. Order is finally being restored to our little cottage in wake of our mold issues, and after a nine day stretch at work which I concluded this evening, I have FOUR days off to spend with my sweetheart as we celebrate the first anniversary of our wedding (this Saturday, already). And so, because I am ready to get down to the business of putting our house back in order and then relaxing, I have just a short post for you tonight.

I wanted to share one of my favorite photos, which I have never posted here:


(view larger)

I took this almost two and a half years ago, during a season of transition and re-evaluation in the middle of my Gutenberg career. (It was, actually, just before Gil and I started getting to know each other. Hmmm.)

Those familiar with this walk will have recognized it immediately, but that red, pointed-roofed building in the background is the school I called home for four years, and that wonderful gnarled-wood fence in the foreground belonged to a Jewish family who lived down the street from it. That family recently moved (and they took their fence with them), and soon Gutenberg students may not live in that red brick building either. Time clips along, and people and their belongings move in and out of these places we call home.

Yesterday we drove by a building in which our church met when I was a little girl. I’ve driven by this building often, and not often thought about it. But yesterday I happened to catch a glimpse in one of the windows, and suddenly I could smell the carpet on the staircase—I could taste the nerves as I waited backstage for my part in a children’s play—I could feel the weight of those red hymnals on my lap and the pride I felt at raising my voice in song (more clearly and beautifully than anyone else’s, I hoped). Years melted in that glance.

This photo, that experience, and the effort Gil and I have been putting into making our current home home, have left me with half-baked, percolating thoughts about home, and what it means, and these strange ties that we have to buildings and objects in this life. We can’t, after all, take it with us—and yet spaces have this strange power to bottle up our memories within their walls and hand them back to us when we come back to them.

Anyway. Half-baked, as I said. Do with them what you will. And please feel free to add any of your own thoughts (baked or otherwise)—I look forward to hearing them.

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    Beautiful photo and words, Erin~ yes time does clip along. here is a favorite song of mine that your post reminded me of~ hope you enjoy it. :)

  2. Philip wrote:

    I loved that fence! I wish I’d gotten to know the family, we only exchanged a few hello’s on the occasional walk-by. It definitely made that corner awesome. Glad you have a picture of it.

    Happy anniversary too! :)