Monday, January 28th, 2013

Un-Related, Related Notes On How To Begin (and Begin Again)

A few thoughts that have been kicking around my head lately.


One: The Yoga Mat

Textured rubber, coiled in the corner; a simple mat, waiting patiently—ready, at the shortest notice, to drop to the floor and help me regain balance.

I am reminded—on this earth we are not just minds but also bodies, and tending to one without the other is to deny our humanity.

Toes dig in, fingertips brush the floor, the others reach to the sky—feel the movement and stillness peel away layer after layer of sitting down, slouching over, stressing out, and giving up.


Two: Pen & Paper

That sound–a tiny, divine sound. The littlest skritch-scratch as tip of pen meets paper. And suddenly black, or blue, or red, or green warbles, loops, dodges and turns across the page.

The invisible made visible–magic.

Three: Courage

Courage is:

Washing the dishes.
Finding purpose.
Being honest.
Seeing beauty in end-of-day makeup and greasy hair.
Realizing that a wall is only built brick by brick.
Finally laying a damn brick on that wall you keep wishing were built.

Four: Beginning

The title promises a secret–a trick. How to begin. But you and I both already know the answer, don’t we?

The only way to begin is… to begin.

We fall off on one side and then the other. We find our way back to the middle only to see it briefly; but it draws us back to itself again and again. By the grace of God, we begin to rest in it more often than we fall. We find balance.

There will be bad days: days when you fight your way out of a web, an entangling, choking maze–days when excuse begets excuse begets… utter nothingness.

But there will also be good days–days of clarity, stillness, excitement, progress. Embrace those days, and remember to thank Him when your pen meets paper and your arms reach for the sky.

And that’s why we begin… and begin again.


Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 9:00 pm.
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  1. Anngee wrote:

    Just looking at your lovely photo of The Mat, I feel the stress of today unwinding. Thank you!

  2. Carina wrote:

    Erin, I love this post. Thank you so much for the reminder. I hope you and Gil are doing well in your new home. We miss you. We’ll have to catch up sometime over Skype or phone! :)